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KENOSISTEC Srl is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of systems for vacuum thin-film deposition using PVD and PECVD technologies. During its many years of activity totally devoted to the field of thin-film deposition, Kenosistec has developed systems used for both research purposes and industrial production.

Major industrial sectors such as electronics, automobiles, mechanics, textiles, optics, and the production of components for the energy sector, make large use of vacuum systems for thin-film deposition so as to obtain materials with better characteristics both by the modification of the first surface layers through the effect of the plasma, and by the deposition of thin films on the surface of the material to be modified.

The systems on which Kenosistec has been focusing in recent years are, in particular:

  • Sputtering systems for research and small production needs;
  • Thermal and electron-gun evaporation systems;
  • Cathodic arc deposition systems;
  • Systems employing different techniques in a single vacuum chamber;
  • “cluster” systems with interconnected vacuum chambers for multi-technique depositions;
  • PECVD systems for the activation and cleaning of plastics.

Thanks to the wide experience of its technical staff, able to combine design flexibility with production and operation cost effectiveness, Kenosistec has become a standard bearer for both R&D and production "batch" type systems.
With its continuous pursuit of both technical and economic improvements for the development of research systems, the company has led the way in the market with the introduction of such important components as magnetron cathodes for sputtering systems.
Major Italian and non-Italian research centres and universities are using systems produced by Kenosistec and, in many cases, constructive cooperation with the researchers of these institutions has led to the development and optimization of interesting technical solutions applied to vacuum thin-film deposition technologies.

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